terça-feira, 24 de março de 2009

Alladin Sane

A is for A Lad who got Insane
B is for Bloggers who felt his pain

C is for Clues who hide in the open
D is for Daemons who come so often

E is for Echoes who bounce my head
F is for Farce who rules instead

G is for Goofies who don’t come twice
H is for Hedgie who was so nice

I is for Illusion who blind the most .
J is for Jesus who haunts this post.

K is for Keyboard who become a vice
L is for Life who need some spice

M is for Music who fill the gap
N is for Nick who cloak my crap

O is for Obsession who need to be fight
P is for Passion who make me write

Q is for Question who must be ask
R is for Reality who drown below the mask

S is for Sandman who change my dream
T is for Tedium who make me scream

U is for Unusual who stuff my mind
V is for Videos who cannot be find

W is for Words who wrote this plot
X is for X who mark the spot

Y is for You who feed the tube
Z is for Zero who end my mood.

Creature Feature-A Gorey Demise
(Inspired on The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey)

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forteifeio disse...


Música engraçada esta.

Pronúncia disse...

Tu andas inspirado!...

Gostei, soltas-te mesmo a frangalhada toda ;)

mf disse...

A is for Answers looking hard to find
B is for Boy with gentle soul and mind

C is for Castle with a thick and high wall
D is for Dike where my dreams halt

E is for Energy that changes the gloom
F is for Flowers waiting to bloom

G is for Ground where my dreams rest
H is for Hero in my own nest

I is for Island that I’ve always been
J is for Jewel that lies within

K is for Kindness that teaches me peace
L is for Love that brings release

M is for Me and the way that I hide
N is for Nude as I feel inside

O is for Obstacles to be destroyed
P is for P. who might fill the void

Q is for Queen sitting in a throne
R is for Road that I walk alone

S is for Shadows that I cast aside
T is for Treasure living inside

U is for Unsure of what the future brings
V is for Valor that lies on my wings

W is for Why life is so hard
X is for X-ray of my scars

Y is for Youth still here today
Z is for Zest where I long to lay


MdJ aka LBJ disse...


Musica fantástica, simples e cativante, claro que também completamente destrambelhada mas às vezes sabe bem…

MdJ aka LBJ disse...


Inspirado eu? Não, estou é mais magro;)

Ainda bem que gostaste, também me divertiu, ainda tenho penas por todo o lado:)

MdJ aka LBJ disse...


A Change the questions
B Only at your eyes

C There is always a door
D Take a chance and swim

E Let it flow
F This is Spring

G They will wake up stronger
H Make him clean it

I This is a peninsula
J No doubt

K You are a good learner
L Wrong but a good mistake

M You left a spot
N Just choose a nice dress

O Easy then you think
P 3,141592653589793238462643…

Q Don´t be so lazy
R No traffic jam

S Only light can make them
T It´s better to buy a safe

U You can worry about that tomorrow
V Shake them and fly

W To be worthy
X If they are closed, don´t try to open

Y As long as you believe inside your head
Z Make a good bitter

mf disse...

A Insanity usually changes some things
B Bloggers see things we don’t see

C Clues lead to the doors
D Swim will leave the deamons at your back

E Let them flow until they disappear
F Beauty sometimes is a farce

G Because they don’t understand your ground
H We are our own heroes

I The peninsula might be an illusion
J Good Company is an entire necklace

K That vice brought me some peace
L A mistake that spices your life

M A sheet music as lots of dark spots
N A nick can be a dress that reveals a good soul

O Obsession can be a hard obstacle
P Passion is often irrational

Q Are you lazy with your question?
R No drowning, just swimming and walking

S Hopefuly your dreams don’t have shadows
T Put tedium in a safe and leave it there

U Leave a space for tomorrow’s unusual
V Fly and you will find your life's movie

W Words make it easier
X I know all their marks

Y There’s always a ‘you’ to believe in
Z Rise up that mood


MdJ aka LBJ disse...


Construtora de pontes, o poema é do Paul Simon…

Sail on silvergirl;
sail on by.
Your time has come to shine.
All your dreams are on their way.
See how they shine.
Oh if you need a friend
I'm sailing right behind.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind


mf disse...

Um poema fabuloso, uma das músicas da minha vida. Obrigada e...
Likewise... :)

PS - Tmgq u e2xp y2f etme u x2gq zy 0qw 0mzq? :)

MdJ aka LBJ disse...


mf disse...

Yes. Didn't know it in that way. Zfot acqeeuqc etm0 tqpsqt2s. Z2cq zfduomx, z2cq dwqqe. :)